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Latest and planned releases.

30 April: CD contest on Facebook. Go there (30 April post) and win a CD! 

April 2019: Music and lyrics now written for the next albums. Contact me to collaborate.

March 2019: First album STYLES released - YAY! Listen here!

Feb 2019 Hidden Enemy released.

31 Jan 2019: "Broken Promise" will release - a very smooth R'n'B song.


28 Jan 2019: "Be a Star" releases as the first song of 2019 and the first song from "STYLES from the City". Find the funky tune on iTunes:  

23 Jan 2019: Recent performance "High Priestess of the Moon", inspired by the super blood wolf moon eclipse: 


3 Jan 2019: Goals for this year include writing 50 songs, recording two albums, and collaborating on writing, producing, and promoting the music, getting a chart hit and radio / festivals play. Work with me on this!

*** HAPPY 2019 ***


27 Dec 2018: "Why Don't You Come Around" releases as STYLES single #5. This release concludes "Country" part of the album. In January and February 2019, STYLES will explore other genres - watch this space and


20 Dec 2018: "Unpackin'" released as fourth single. Despite the title and the timing, it is not a Christmas song :)


14 Dec 2018: "Wearing it For You" releases as third single, paying tribute to country music and - not least - to Johnny Cash.


7 Dec 2018: "Follow Me" released as second single: Spotify and iTunes


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5 Dec 2018: Got a Twitter account - yay! Follow me on Twitter!


3 Dec 2018: "Espamenco" is released as first single from forthcoming (March 2019) album "STYLES".