About me!

Byorn Gold, an accomplished musician and songwriter, has embarked on an extraordinary music journey aimed at inspiring and connecting fans around the world.
With an impressive following of over 800,000 on Facebook, Byorn Gold has captivated audiences with his highly engaging songs and stories.

Byorn Gold's ultimate purpose is to create songs that transcend time and touch the lives of his listeners.
His music aims to provide support and inspiration to those who need it, fostering a deep connection between artist and fan.

The Journey
In 2020, Byorn Gold embarked on an ambitious musical endeavor to release 250 original songs within a span of 5 years. Initially performed as live concerts, these heartfelt compositions will later be recorded in a studio and made available to the public. Byorn's Facebook artist page serves as the platform where fans can find these remarkable musical pieces.Furthermore, Byorn Gold amazed his audience by delivering 250 consecutive days of live concerts, showcasing a new cover song each day. This remarkable feat not only demonstrated his exceptional talent but also highlighted his dedication to creating a lasting impact through music.Since then, Byorn Gold's videos have garnered significant attention, with several surpassing 100,000 views on Facebook alone.
One standout song, "Guardian Angel," has been viewed over 7.5 million times, resonating deeply with fansworldwide.
To foster a strong sense of community, Byorn Gold regularly engages with his Facebook clan through weekly sessions. These gatherings provide a unique opportunity for fans to connect with the artist as he shares songs, stories, chats, and reflections on life, music, and the places that inspire him.

The Key Releases:
Throughout his career, Byorn Gold has delivered noteworthy releases that showcase his versatility and creativity. Some of his key releases include:
STYLES (2019): A tribute to the influential genres that have shaped today's music landscape.

Richmond (2021): A captivating folk/rock EP recorded in the vibrant city of Richmond, Virginia, USA. This release showcases Byorn's ability to blend compelling storytelling with soul-stirring melodies.

Hindsight 20-20 (2022): A reflective collection of songs that offers introspection on life, love, and encounters with remarkable individuals. Byorn's lyricism and musical prowess shine through in this memorable release.

Eastern Time (2023): ByornGold's latest offering delves into the spiritual realm, exploring the profound essence of the past, present, and future. This highly anticipated release promises to take listeners on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Byorn Gold's dedication to his craft and unwavering commitment to his fans have propelled him to the forefront of the music industry. With his unique ability to inspire and connect, Byorn Gold's music is set to leave an indelible mark on the hearts and souls of listeners worldwide.
To stay updated on Byorn Gold's music releases and upcoming events, visit his official Facebook artist page!
Reg addres: Kysttoften 21, DK-3630 Jægerspris, Denmark