Byorn Gold

Music and Stories to Inspire YOU and to leave a Legacy


The Journey...


Started a long time ago and continues one day at a time, one song at a time and one soul at a time.


Who is he?

Byorn Gold is based in Denmark and the US, and composes, records and performs songs in a multitude of genres, always focused on the playability by a singer/songwriter or by a full band.


Why does he do it?

There is a higher purpose to all this. Songs are like children - they will stay "forever". Some of mine have a cause that they support and - with your help - one day they will become an active part in supporting those causes. Examples are the climate, refugees, domestic abuse, religious suppression, peace on earth, etc. It's big stuff but we can all do our little part.

It will take a few years to do this. The continued journey involves lots of  learning, growing, networking etc, but that is the "end game".


How far is he?

Byorn has released his first album STYLES in March 2019, displaying affection for many different genres that inspire today's music.  Get it here  or on your favorite platform.

Second album (an EP) is tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2020.

In April 2020, Byorn has started a #5YearMusicChallenge to release 250 songs in 5 years (50 per year, almost one every week). The songs are performed as Facebook Live videos on Byorn's artist page there.


Where can you find him?

Homepage: www.byorngold.com (you should know that one, if you read this)

Facebook  (go and LIKE!)






How can YOU get involved?

Looking for collaborators to write, record, perform and promote. Don’t be a stranger - get in touch!








Would you like to work together (co-write, record, perform, promote) or simply chat about a project? Get in touch!